Less time managing your stock,
more time managing your business…

A simple and easy to use online ‘perpetual’ inventory control system which manages stock movements accurately - from purchase, storage and sale to your accounts.

"It's really a no-brainer. TidyStock works fabulously, does everything it says it does and is very pretty to work with."
Gillian Rossouw - Jill of all Trades

“I would definitely recommend TidyStock to anyone wanting a simple, effective and well-priced stock control system. In fact, I have already done so!” said Annie Coster. “Our business is in automotive parts resale, and it is ideal for that application. Staff can raise a delivery docket, look up parts or customer details, and correct any errors before saving to Xero. This eliminates any concern about errors affecting the accounting systems, which would be expensive and time-consuming to rectify”.
Annie Coster - USA Ford Parts
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*Dependent to pricing plan

Pricing - USA

  • LITE
  • USD 34/mo
    Billed annually
  • USD 79/mo
    Billed annually
  • USD 169/mo
    Billed annually
  • USD 95
    Billed monthly
  • USD 185
    Billed monthly
  • Powerful inventory and job management in one seamless package
  • Users
  • 1
  • up to 3
  • up to 5
  • no maximum
  • Products (SKUs)
  • 500
  • 10,000
  • 25,000
  • Unlimited
  • Locations
  • 1
  • up to 3
  • up to 5
  • Unlimited
  • Currencies
  • 1
  • Full Multi-currency
  • Full Multi-currency
  • Full Multi-currency
  • Suppliers
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Customers
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Purchase Orders
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Sales
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Reports
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Online Help
  • Ticket Support
  • Professional Services
  • USD 180/hr
  • USD 180/hr
  • USD 180/hr
  • USD 180/hr
  • All prices exclude sales tax


TidyStock works with the following:


TidyStock integrates with Xero Accounting Software to seamlessly share stock related transactions and information in real time. Push invoices through to Xero recording stock on hand and cost of goods sold direct into your Xero accounts.
Learn more

TidyWork Enterprise

TidyWork Enterprise is a powerful project and inventory management tool. Upgrading to TidyWork Enterprise means you'll get all of the features found in TidyStock as well as job management software in one seamless package.
Learn more


TidyStock can link with online store software, Bigcommerce. Sales in Bigcommerce can automatically adjust stock in TidyStock and stock levels in TidyStock can sync back to Bigcommerce.


Partners - USA & Canada

Help is at hand …

TidyWork works with these training and advisory professionals to help you get the most out of our product. If you want staff training or help and advice on how to adopt TidyWork, just contact one our partners shown here.

AccountSource LLC

AccountSource LLC is a forward thinking, cloud-based accounting firm that provides a complete back office solution for small businesses.

Bryan Cremeen, 12203 Aberdeen St NE, Ste 130, Blaine, MN 55449, USA
Tel: 763 786 1112   |   Web: www.acctsource.com

The Dog Ate My Books

As an accidential entreprenuer, my passion is serving the small business community by taking the frustration and overwhelm out of your accounting. I can get you set up with the right accounting and other software tools to streamline your workflow so you can spend more time generating sales for your business. To learn more, please visit my website.

Jody Seibert, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Tel: 928 300 0024   |   Web: DogAteMyBooks.com

BTS Financial
Barbara Sonin, 21 Court Street, Woodland, CA 95695
Tel: 530 662 2200   |   Web: www.businessadvisor.us.com

Maxama Ltd

Maxama specialise in the implementation and training of Xero and related cloud software applications. Please see our website for details of our extensive range of Xero courses. We are based Farnham, Surrey (near London) and deliver our courses online (using screen sharing software), one to one or in groups. Maree, the Principal Trainer is both a Chartered Accountant and an experienced and qualified teacher. Services include: Consulting , Setup & Conversion , Training.

Maree Maxfield, Kirkland, Longdown Road, Farnham, Surrey GU10 3JS, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1252 790771   |   Web: www.maxama.co.uk

IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC

Donny Shimamoto, 3615 Harding Avenue, Suite 209, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Tel: 808 735 8324   |   Web: www.intraprisetechknowlogies.com

My Virtual Bookkeepers, LLC

Jennifer Soyama, 1732 1st Ave #25464, New York, NY 10128
Tel: (800) 873-5851   |   Web: www.myvirtualbookkeepers.com

3Bit Solutions Ltd
Nathan Dunn, Level 1, 6 Railway St, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand
Tel:+64 800 99 3248   |   Web: www.3bit.com

Ace Bookkeeping Services
Steven Goodin, 470 Westminster, #112 Dollard Des Ormeaux, PQ H9G 1E2, Canada
Tel: 514 865 4033

Case Studies

Xero consultant and inventory expert chooses TidyStock

"It's really a no-brainer," is how Gillian from Jill of All Trades sums up the decision to use TidyStock. Gillian is a cloud integrator and Xero consultant on Australia's Gold Coast who was looking for an inventory management system for her clients. She explains it as a Goldilocks situation, "You don't want it to be too complicated or too simple for your needs." She found TidyStock is the complete package, "TidyStock is fabulous to use and so simple to set up. It's neat and easy."

TidyStock improves owners' lifestyles

Many of Gillian's clients want to be able to travel or operate from a home office and be able to keep their finger on the pulse of the business. She says they can tap into Xero and they need to be able to manage their stock as well. They tend to run pretty lean businesses and buy just in time. "TidyStock enables them to do that and get away from the business."

TidyStock is fabulous to use and so simple to set up. It's neat and easy.
Gillian Rossouw - Jill of all Trades

Gillian recently did an integration for a client who "was blown away with TidyStock, they said it's so cool and easy to use." This was a client who had a very complicated system using Excel and Xero. They particularly liked how TidyStock could be massaged to their own requirements and gave them everything they could possibly need.

Chris Carroll, Manager of Rack'n Stack, was trialling another system and told Gillian he really needed to get inventory sorted. She told him he was wasting his time with anything other than TidyStock and helped get him set up. His staff learnt the system in a few hours and Chris says "It is working great".

TidyStock has helped Gillian's clients by giving them a lot more clarity. It has shown them the true costs of landing stock and helps to identify wastage. They now know what they really have on hand and when they should order. They also like having staff access TidyStock without the security risk of having direct access to Xero.

Cloud Integrators

While Gillian raves about the user friendliness of TidyStock, she also points out how much a consultant can ease the transition. Gillian uses her experience to get clients up and running in two hours. She does the heavy lifting and uses her knowledge of software and accounting to hand over an optimised system.

Many clients have been stuck using an old legacy system and get bogged down with the job of switching over to a modern system. Once the switch is made, they realise how important it is to have features like multi-currency and multi-users where they don’t have to wait for someone else to finish before they use the system.


In the end Gillian is very clear on why she recommends TidyStock, "It works fabulously, does everything it says it does and is very pretty to work with."

Jill of all Trades

TidyStock cloud-based stock control a hit at American Ford Parts

As Director in charge of administration at American Ford Parts in Nelson, New Zealand, Annie Coster was a bit nervous at the thought of using a cloud-based stock control system for a business selling many thousands of parts for classic cars. But, as she was looking through the stock control add-on options on the Xero web site, she reasoned that the company was already using a cloud-based accounts system without problems. What was really needed was a stock control system that interfaced seamlessly with Xero, to reduce possible inventory errors and make things easy for herself and the staff.

I would definitely recommend TidyStock to anyone wanting a simple, effective and well-priced stock control system. In fact, I have already done so!
Annie Coster - USA Ford Parts

So Annie talked to an ex-staff member who is now a Xero trainer, discussed stock control with other businesses in the industry and did a lot of internet research before finally deciding to go with Silicon Avenue’s TidyStock.

“We had been using another accounts system for about twelve years, and their inventory system was cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention hideously expensive and frustrating” she said. “We had to calculate stock figures manually every year for the annual accounts”.

Asked what she was looking for in a new stock control system, Annie was quite clear. “We needed simplicity, fast friendly support and a system that was safe to let anyone use to check stock, customer details, or to raise a delivery docket, without the risk of errors entering the accounting system. I wanted a dedicated inventory system that was inventory driven, rather than accounting driven” she said.

She added that it was essential that the system was compatible with Windows 8, and that no expensive annual upgrades were required, with their associated costly downtime.

TidyStock offered what she needed

Talking to the team at Silicon Avenue, Annie learned that TidyStock is a simple and easy-to-use online ‘perpetual’ inventory control system that manages stock movements accurately – from purchase, through storage and sale, to your accounts. TidyStock would enable her team to access vital stock data and record transactions wherever they were – with customers, in the warehouse, or anywhere else, via tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Tidystock links directly with Xero and requires no software downloads, no complicated set-up and no professional IT help. Tidystock integrates with Xero to share seamlessly stock-related transactions and information in real time. You can produce packing slips in TidyStock and push invoices through to Xero, recording stock on hand, and the cost of goods sold, directly into Xero.

So how has TidyStock performed?

“I would definitely recommend TidyStock to anyone wanting a simple, effective and well-priced stock control system. In fact, I have already done so!” said Annie Coster. “Our business is in automotive parts resale, and it is ideal for that application. Staff can raise a delivery docket, look up parts or customer details, and correct any errors before saving to Xero. This eliminates any concern about errors affecting the accounting systems, which would be expensive and time-consuming to rectify”.

Asked whether she was still pleased to have decided on TidyStock, Annie was emphatic.

“I count myself fortunate to have chosen TidyStock. On service alone it is outperforming any software that I have encountered in my long working life. I am now able to spend less time ‘nailed’ to the computer and more time on more productive things”.

Classic USA Ford Car Parts
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TidyStock+ Developer API

We have had many requests from customers and third-party integrators who wish to harness TidyStock to exchange data with applications that we do not support and some we do not even know about. The answer is our Developer API, where our data and product functions will soon be made available .

Ultimately, we will have a rich set of features covering almost the entire functionality for TidyStock. But to start with, we have concentrated on providing method calls to address the following use types:

  • eCommerce: The Materials methods can be used to extract and update stock items, including pricing and stock levels. This allows integration with eCommerce systems.

Some Details about our API

  • The Developer API is provided as a RESTful service (a ‘REST API”). This is a very common approach amongst cloud software providers who wish to enable third parties to develop add-ons to their product.
  • Authentication is provided using ‘Basic HTTP authentication’. Once the API feature is enabled for your system, you can switch on one or more users to make an API token available. You use this token, and the user’s logon ID, to access our developer API.
  • By default, data is passed using the JSON format, which we recommend. XML can be used if your language does not support JSON.
  • The only data that can be returned by the API, is the data authorised to be viewed by the user whose token is supplied. In other words, if you wish to retrieve data for specific (or all) projects in your organisation, the user who supplied the token must have permission to access those projects.
  • Your add-in connects with TidyStock by accessing a URL derived from your normal customer URL
    (e.g. https://yourco.ppluslive.com/api/...).


API documentation is available at TidyStock API help.

Sample Applications and Wrappers

Not yet. Keep an eye out for some sample applications that we will provide as well as a .NET API wrapper library to help you get up and running quickly if you work on the .NET platform.

If you develop a sample or wrapper for our API in any language, we would like to hear about it.

Training & Events

Online Training – Scheduled Webinar

  • Training dates / times (please see on the right)
  • How our webinar works – LEARN MORE
  • Topics covered – LEARN MORE
  • Webinar duration – Approximately 1 hour
  • Cost USD 99

Online Training – Interactive Custom Webinar

  • How the interactive webinar works – LEARN MORE
  • You set the number of participants attending the webinar
  • Webinar duration – The length of time is up to you and it can be one or more sessions
  • Topics covered – LEARN MORE
  • Cost – Request a price

On Site Training

The Trainer will come to your business,, on an agreed date and time. You can set the number of participants who will attend the training. The number of sessions and the duration will also be agreed.

We will send you a questionnaire to complete, to enable the Trainer to gain a better understanding of your business and training requirements. We also like to know what type of training facility your business offers.

Interactive Online Workshop with a TidyStock Trainer

How our Interactive Workshop works:

A bespoke interactive workshop caters either for you as an individual, or for your company. It is held on an agreed date and time to suit you and/or your company. It is for your nominated participants only.

You will be sent a questionnaire to complete and return prior to the workshop. On this questionnaire, please list any questions (prioritised) you would like answered and/or areas you would like to gain further knowledge in. An invitation via email, with instructions on how to join the workshop, will be sent also. Once the participants have enabled the webinar connection, you will hear the presenter and view the presenter's screen.

All participants are able to ask questions throughout the 45 minute session.

There will be a check point 15 minutes before the session is due to end, to assess the options once the time is up. Availability permitting, another session could be agreed upon to follow on immediately. Alternatively, another session may be scheduled at another time to ensure the workshop has been completed from your point of view.

Questions can also be typed at any time in the ‘chat’ area. These questions are answered towards the end, depending on time constraints.

Why a Workshop?

A workshop will enable you to be able to talk directly to the trainer and get those more in-depth questions answered, explained in more detail and even demonstrated within a demo company environment.

You know how to use TidyStock but you just want that extra assistance and/or extra knowledge in specific aspects of TidyStock which relate specifically to your organisation.

A workshop is ideal for an individual person or a number of nominated attendees from your organisation.

Who will gain value from the Workshop?

  • New Users – gain further understanding and knowledge, get your organisations’ specific questions answered
  • Existing long time Users – gain knowledge and understanding of the latest updates / new features available and /or wanting very specialist feature knowledge
  • Partners of TidyStock – gain more in-depth knowledge, refresher and cover the latest updates
  • Cram Learners – limited time available and want a quick overview and to be able to get questions answered as you learn.

Workshop Duration

45 minutes**


Starting from USD 99

Request a price for an ‘Interactive Workshop’

** A longer session can be arranged in blocks of 45 minutes

Upcoming Events

Online Training

An Essential Guide to Managing Your Inventory

Tue: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm NZST Register
Tue: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm NZST Register
Xero Events

Xero Conference 2015 - Melbourne, Australia

August 12 - 14, 2015 Register
Other Events

Accountex 2015 - London, UK

May 13 - 14, 2015 Register

Customer view on Training

You don't know what you don’t know. If I had to do it again I would have had the training before, it is possibly the most important thing because you pick up on extra things. You will be aware of how things run properly.

I definitely recommend training and I would stress, they did the training early on their journey of transferring over.

Tamsyn Jefferson - Finance Manager, 50 Degrees
Richmond, Surrey | U.K.

Contact Us

General Enquiries

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Registered Address

TidyWork Ltd
Level 1, The Hub
525 Cameron Road
Tauranga 3110
New Zealand

Postal Address

TidyWork Ltd
P.O. Box 14-051
Tauranga Mail Centre
Tauranga 3143
New Zealand

In the Media

Announcing that Procision+ is rebranding to TidyWork

8th July 2014  

In order to bring our suite of products closer, we are pleased to announce that Procision+ will now be known as TidyWork. This will make it clearer to our users and the wider Xero community that TidyWork and TidyStock are both part of the ‘Tidy’ family and reinforce the leadership that our products have under that brand.

Procision+ was our initial cloud product and since 2010 has been delivering project and job costing with management functionality to our industrial and professional services customers globally. Late in 2012, we launched TidyStock, our inventory management product to meet the demand of our existing and new customers. Both products have always been able to sit autonomously or combined within the same environment and we considered that our mixed branding was in need of change to clarify that.

The combined product will be known as TidyWork Enterprise. TidyWork Enterprise brings significant advantages to firms requiring a full range of operational functionality from job costing-to-project management-to-full inventory management for their business without the need for multiple add-ons. Firms that grow in their functional needs can start with either TidyWork or TidyStock and seamlessly upgrade to the combined TidyWork Enterprise environment at any time.

Experts at odds over 'the cloud'

Bay of Plenty Times - 10th May 2013  

Kevin Mann believes "the cloud" is the future of computing.
- Andrew Warner

On-site business computing will be all but dead within a couple of years, leaving scores of local IT technicians wondering what to do with themselves.

That's the prediction of Tauranga cloud computing entrepreneur Kevin Mann.

Mr Mann, CEO of cloud software company Silicon Avenue, said businesses in the Bay and around the world were realising the benefits of operating their computing systems from huge centralised datacentres known collectively as "the cloud".

The benefits included Minimal monthly subscriptions rather than large capital outlays, easy access from around the world rather than on-site access only, and reduced dependence on local IT engineers, he said.

"My belief is that within two years from now, on-premise systems will be pretty much dead."

The simple economics of centralisation will force IT companies to incorporate the cloud into their operations in some shape or form, Mr Mann says.

The centralisation of data will mean local technicians would become redundant in their local markets, but if they were good enough they would be able to work for companies around the world from their base in Tauranga.

"We're seeing a change in your networking firms having to shift their business otherwise they'll be out of business, unless they're working in big datacentres, and we're seeing local IT companies having to change what they're doing otherwise they will go out of business."


Making the right connections - by Rod Drury

New Zealand Herald - 26th Feb, 2013 

Smaller companies are embracing the versatility of the internet cloud, writes Rod Drury

Xero is well known to be growing rapidly, with more than 135,000 customers in its latest update, but also interesting is the amount of innovation occurring around Xero as a platform. At latest count, more than 150 software companies link over 200 exciting software applications with Xero.

Innovators in the ecosystem

Kevin Mann - Silicon Avenue

"There is a wide variety of cloud-based software available now, and developing a successful product requires that it be better than the others in its particular niche. For software development companies like us at Silicon Avenue, this means concentrating on developing the features that differentiate the product, not developing the infrastructure, or features that are also widely available elsewhere. Our TidyWork and TidyStock products are implemented on Microsoft's Azure public cloud infrastructure platform, and integrate with Xero's accounting platform, as well as other cloud storage and CRM products. We can pour the resources we save with these integrations into developing the parts of our products our customers find new and exciting. Cloud-based software products like ours also rely for their success on reaching a large, global audience. The marketing platform provided by Xero allows our products to be more easily discovered by our potential customers, through add-on listings for the platform - the time and money spent by Xero in increasing market share also increases the exposure for our products. The critical mass of these niche software products has also provided us the opportunity for integrations between the add-ons as well as with the platform, leading to product combinations working together to provide even more powerful feature sets for our customers."


Eyes in the cloud

SunLive - 01st Sep, 2012 

Tauranga could soon boast its own small slice of Silicon Valley, with a draft strategy to promote the growth of the ICT sector in the Bay of Plenty due out shortly.

Information Communication Technology is the latest sector to get attention under the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s economic development strategy ‘Bay of Connections’ – following on from traditional areas of strength forestry, energy, logistics and high growth prospect aquaculture.

Details of the strategy to fast-track the ICT sector are being finalised, but council research shows the technology sector could be worth $16 billion to the region over the next 20 years.


Featured BizSpark Startup on Azure - David Murray, COO of Silicon Avenue Limited

BizSpark Online - 3rd May, 2012 

Tell us who you are and your role in the company:

I am Chief Operating Officer of Silicon Avenue Limited, an ISV cloud solution provider based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

What is your company's mission?

Give small company owners their weekends back, and enable them to manage productivity & cost efficiently.

In 140 characters or less, tell us what your company does:

We develop and market a cloud-based project management & workflow solution called TidyWork, that has strong integration with the Microsoft stack.

Tell us about your Azure based solution.

We believe that TidyWork is the easiest, smartest way to manage projects and keep track of jobs. We focus on workshop manufacturers and Professional Services firms (like surveyors and engineering consultants). Our customers can create and manage project plans or just sync with Microsoft Project, and allow their team to easily write their time, materials, and expenses against the project or job – anywhere, anytime, including on their mobile devices. They can keep a finger on the pulse or 'health' of their project, with up-to-the-minute progress and performance reports by project, department and more.

How is Azure implemented in your solution?

Our full application site and mobile site are hosted on Azure web roles. We use SQL Azure for our customers' data, and AppFabric for authentication through Authorized Identity Providers. TidyWork reports are generated using SQL Azure Reporting Services.

How did you get excited about Azure?

We needed a PaaS infrastructure when we decided to re-engineer our product for the cloud. We soon realized that Azure would give us the scalability we needed, and integrated very well with our existing development environment of Visual Studio, SQL Server, and .Net 4. This meant that we could get up and running quickly. We liked the approach Microsoft was taking in becoming cloud-centric. The cloud approach is the future. It is the only way to increase application availability and reduce costs.

What were the Azure features that prompted you to decide to build on Azure?

Scalability we can control, authentication through AppFabric, predictable costs per customer and the incentives of BizSpark and Azure Cloud Essentials programs.

What specific value are you getting from BizSpark beyond the technology?

For a small startup, access to MSDN for the latest tools has allowed us to quickly drive our engineering with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, and facilitated integration with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics CRM and Office. The Azure services that are provided with MSDN/BizSpark have also been very helpful in development, testing, and internal use of our product.

What has been your biggest "aha" moment since founding your company?

We started with certain ideas about the types of business that could benefit from cloud-based workflow and project management software. But we now understand that almost any project-based company, of any size, can greatly improve their business efficiency by accurately recording the time, materials, and expenses, and having that information available in real time. For example, workers in metalwork shops now use tablets running TidyWork to view their jobs, record their work, and notify the manager (and customer) when the work is complete.

What advice do you have for companies that are thinking about building in the cloud?

The main thing is, DO IT! On-premise applications could be largely extinct in a few years. About eighteen months ago we thought our customers might be resistant to their data being stored off-premise and off-shore. Now we never get any questions or concerns about this, and most of our enquiries are from SMEs looking to replace their existing expensive and outdated on-premise products with cloud software, or in many cases replace their existing manual systems with a cloud solution. These companies have never considered an on-premise solution due to up-front cost and infrastructure issues. The cloud has quickly moved from a modest gamble to a no-brainer.

What is the one thing that you would like readers to take away about your Azure app?

Managing your project data and company processes with TidyWork gives you fantastic business intelligence at a very modest cost. Now small to medium-sized businesses can manage with tools as good as or better than their larger competitors!


Silicon Avenue sees success in Xero integration

CIO New Zealand - 16th Jan, 2012 

Microsoft and Xero partnerships make procision+ a fully cloud-based solution

Tauranga-based Silicon Avenue has launched its online business intelligence software, procision+, after two years of development.

The software is backed by Microsoft, has received funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the company has also entered a partnership with Xero, which enables integration between procision+ and Xero’s online account software.

Silicon Avenue’s customers pay a monthly subscription fee that starts at $10. The software runs on a remote server and the data is stored off-premises, meaning customers do not have to invest on hardware upgrades or add servers when they sign up.

In addition to the connectivity with Xero, which the company sees as a great value add to the product, procision+ also connects to Office 365, making it a fully cloud-based solution.

The software was first launched in late September but continues to attract new clients, including overseas ones. TidyWork already has its first customer interests coming from Australia and Scotland. The Australian potential customer, a three-city Australian company providing services within the financial sector, should be formally announced in the beginning of the year.


Take the fear out of technology, slash paper work, increase productivity and take a look just where you are heading.

New Zealand Engineering News

Kevin Mann is fond of telling potential customers that once TidyWork has “infiltrated” their business, they can have their weekends back...


Tauranga technology firm partners Microsoft

Bay of Plenty Times - 8th Jun 2011 

Tauranga-based technology company Silicon Avenue is working 'in the cloud' and looking ahead to international sales for its unique project management software.

During the past two years, the firm - which operates on the top floor of the Nautilus Building at Sulphur Point - has developed an online business intelligence product, called procision+, which enables companies to complete projects on time and without cost over-runs.

Instead of companies replacing their existing software, procision+ adds value.

Silicon Avenue's customers will be able to access the product on the internet and pay a monthly fee for using it, instead of receiving a disc, adding a server, upgrading computer hardware, and training new staff.

The software is run on a remote server and the data is also stored elsewhere - similar to how Google, Facebook, Twitter and others operate. It is known as cloud computing which is reducing IT costs for businesses and revolutionising the computer industry.

The procision+ product is also likely to be available as an application for Android and iPhones.

Next month, Silicon Avenue's procision+ software is being added to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, which promotes 70 different business products.


Government Backs Silicon Avenue

New Zealand-based software developer Silicon Avenue Technology has received  substantial funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (New Zealand) in recognition of its breakthrough Project Management solution, procision+.

The funding is in support of Silicon Avenue’s move to convert procision+ into a cloud-based application, making it more widely available and competitive around the world, says procision+ co-founder Kevin Mann.

“The funding is a significant vote of confidence in procision+. The New Zealand Government recognises the potential for the procision+ technology to boost the science and innovation sector’s contribution to economic growth.”

The Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) is the lead agency driving the science and innovation sector in New Zealand. MSI is also tasked with directing knowledge and technology transfer from the science and innovation sector to businesses and other research users.

Richard Bentley, MSI Acting Deputy Chief Executive Business Innovation and Investment, says MSI has invested more than $160 million in more than 840 businesses in the last financial year.

“Silicon Avenue Technology is an ambitious, export-focused company that recognises the advantages of research and development to gain a competitive edge. MSI is committed to driving innovation in the business sector through its support of companies like this,” Mr Bentley says.

Mr Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Silicon Avenue, and his fellow co-founder David Murray, Chief Operating Officer, have extensive international experience and acknowledged success. Mr Mann has top-level global IT and management experience, including more than 20 years within the finance, banking, and energy sectors in Europe, specializing in business analytics, risk management, and software development.

Dr Murray is a published and patent-holding medical physicist, software developer and technical engineer with a Doctorate Degree in Medical Physics and Computer Science. He has a solid history as a product strategist and architecture specialist in the United States, with extensive experience in successfully building a large engineering organization from scratch in a highly technical and highly regulated business sector.

Silicon Avenue Technologies was established in London in the year 1996.